Dote [verb]

Definition of Dote:

show excessive fondness

Synonyms of Dote:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dote:

Sentence/Example of Dote:

Sure, I like the going out to the restaurants and the the-ayters, and I dote on dancing; but—say—thats not all the game.

We'll all dote on him, hell be my reward If I dissemble.Lam.

It is long since the sick world began to dote and talk idly: would she had but doted still!

Oftentimes I forget my very name, so sharp a pang striking through my forehead that I dote and stare and forget all else.

If ever one creature did dote upon another, Mr. George loved that sweet child.

Neither do they dote madly on their crotchety uncles in the slippers and dressing-gowns of 78.

All these Indians have a gift of oratory and dote to speak at length, with firm voice and great gestures.

But to be sure baby Boardman was as good as gold, a perfect little dote in his new fancy bib.

I am not one of your mad kind of lovers, who dote even upon faults, when once they are taken by beauty of person.

It became after this a fashion with the Spaniards to dote on lizard flesh.