Dramas [noun]

Definition of Dramas:

theatrical piece; acting

Synonyms of Dramas:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dramas:


Sentence/Example of Dramas:

Calls for new taxpayer support of the Postal Service have increased during the pandemic and the latest drama has brought renewed attention to the agency’s plight.

The greatest visual drama comes from the planet’s rings, viewed from a unique perspective.

That’s not to say the ensuing drama around TikTok won’t affect advertisers’ plans.

It “plays out the whole drama of courtship, marriage, and parenthood in terms of types of behavior believed to be innate and therefore appropriate for one sex or for the other.”

Nature’s fireworks can light the sky with electrifying drama.

She was therefore prepared to sustain her part in the drama Routemberg was bringing on the tapis.

The overture is over, the curtain is about to rise on the drama of Georgie's married life.

He was also the one and only personage in the drama, concentrating on himself the attention of the audience.

The intensity of this drama, however, being interior, caused little outward disturbance that casual onlookers need have noticed.

He being more musical, and a greater lover of the drama than I, arranged our visits to the theatres and concert halls.