Drivelling [noun]

Definition of Drivelling:

foolish talk

Synonyms of Drivelling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drivelling:



Sentence/Example of Drivelling:

In modern times responding to such drivel somehow validates the claim.

But Canon Drivel's daughter did not deign to answer, she merely rang for prayers.

Had Teufelsdrockh also a father and mother; did he, at one time, wear drivel-bibs, and live on spoon-meat?

If you have a heart, sooner or later you get into a state of drivel about somebody, who probably doesn't drivel about you.

It can't be worse than going about with you and listening while you crow and drivel about her, that's one comfort!

"Stow that drivel, cookie," growled a voice which I recognized as belonging to the older Fleming.

Talfourd and the Broughs took more licence in this latter respect, but they never sank into drivel.

You pay too much attention to such insipid drivel in even mentioning it.

Such was Barty's humor, as a boy—mere drivel—but of such a kind that even his butts were fond of him.

Its trunk weeps tears of resin, which trail along in drivel, then change to heavy, creeping flame.