Duping [noun]

Definition of Duping:

person who is fooled

Synonyms of Duping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Duping:

Sentence/Example of Duping:

On Tuesday, Popeyes rolled out the fried flounder sandwich that was all but a dupe for its greatest hit, swapping in a fish filet in place of poultry.

But Mr. Howard, dupe or rogue, was extremely busy in publishing to the world the particulars of this extraordinary case.

He knows when a sentiment is simple and when it is complex, when the heart is a dupe of the mind and when of the senses.

Had my spirit really been transported to the planet Mars, or had I been the dupe of a purely imaginary illusion?

He imagined himself the dupe of one of those mirages which he had more than once beheld when in his dreamy moods.

Whoever does not know this and is a Socialist, that man is merely one of the herd or he is a dupe.

Yes; Mrs. Horncastle was right: she had been only a miserable dupe.

Had she been as great a dupe of this woman as the husband before her?

The love of empty glory blinded him to his true interests; and the love of sensual pleasure made him an easy dupe.

The Captain was altogether upset and quite indisposed to be amiable towards people who had made a dupe of him.