Effectuate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Effectuate:

The general purpose of the loan is to effectuate the objects of the voyage and the safety of the ship.

From that moment to this, he has been industriously engaged to endeavor to effectuate the purposes of Congress.

Also a committee of three to report such measures as shall be deemed best calculated to effectuate the objects of the charter.

We could have no way so good to effectuate that which was the common desire, as to bring in another in his room.

What happens when they must and yet cannot effectuate such adaptation?

But how, when the morning came, should he proceed to effectuate his kind intentions?

Yet they should beware of laying too much weight on the means and ordinances, as if they could effectuate the business.

As he hath procured, so he sendeth the Spirit to effectuate this, and to work this washing and sanctification in us.

If it were even to take pains to prevent their importation, it would not be able to effectuate it.

Sun believed that democracy would effectuate the filtering, allowing long-range revision from outside the bureaucracy.