Exponential [adjective]

Definition of Exponential:

rapid change

Synonyms of Exponential:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exponential:


Sentence/Example of Exponential:

Meanwhile, the world has watched the exponential growth of wealth inequality and fossil-fuel-driven climate change.

To figure this out, some solvers fit exponential models directly to the data.

As group size grows, 4VA concentration shoots up, potentially broadcasting a larger signal and contributing to the exponential growth of swarms.

Scientists often describe trends that increase very dramatically as being exponential.

If everything goes to plan it may not be long before an army of robot scientists catapults us into a new age of exponential progress.

A short search in the literature will show an exponential rise in the number of CRISPR-related publications and patents.

Despite powering exponential growth in computing power for nearly half a century, the miniaturization of transistors is about to hit fundamental buffers.

It multiplies and surges to its fulfillment at an exponential rate.

He pioneered the standard exponential notation for cubes and higher powers of numbers.

The inevitable outcome is an exponential explosion in computing and networking power.