Forewords [noun]

Definition of Forewords:

introduction to a document

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Sentence/Example of Forewords:

With a fantastic foreword by Bill Nye and curation by Nirmala Nataraj, The Planets has 256 pages that help you feel closer to our night sky.

“Foreword” and “inwit” were good once; but “preface” and “conscience” 245 mean as much and have the advantage of being alive.

I read the story itself first and afterwards the preface, or foreword.

Idaho made a motion as if to stop him, but Graeme stepped quickly foreword and said sharply, 'Make way there, can't you?'

In a foreword to the readers of the New Dawn, however, a faintly ominous note was sounded.

The books and articles spoken of in the “Foreword” of this volume, pages 7–9, are not re-listed here.

An entry for "Foreword" has been added to the Table of Content of this e-book.

The editors foreword was not without interest, giving, as it did, an exact idea of their plan of campaign.

This little foreword is to crave pardon humbly if my touch has not been light, or deft, or sure.

The original book contained a Foreword, which is not present in the scans from which this book derives.