Highborn [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Highborn:

Laugh at early passion ye who will; a highborn boy madly in love with a lowly ginger-beer girl!

Half an hour later, Haward rose from his chair and bowed low as to some highborn and puissant dame.

Young, fair, and highborn, I may not choose on whom I will bestow my love!

Cloelia, a highborn maiden sent among them, escaped at night and on horseback swam across the foaming Tiber to Rome.

Are those noble souls, the highborn and beautiful Valeria, the good and gentle Callirho, exposed to such appalling perils?

Yet a highborn warrior was much more becomingly employed in plundering the land of others than in tilling his own.

But Payne had a far braver spirit than those highborn plotters with whom it was his misfortune to have been connected.

Wealthy, highborn, and popular, he was gradually devoting his advantages in the freest way to Rose's service.

The young Colonna was much struck by her beauty, and more by her gentle and highborn grace.

They lay down to sleep that night—the highborn young lady and the girl of common Gypsy clay—in a certain wagon of the Gitanos.