Morosely [adverb]

Definition of Morosely:


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Sentence/Example of Morosely:

Good Indian leaned his back against a tree, and eyed the two morosely.

He went about morosely and snapped villainously at the boys.

Morosely he ruminated on the suppressed adjective for a moment.

"It may be anything," uttered Jorgenson, morosely, but as it were in a mollified tone.

"My name's not Daddleskink," the Tyro informed him morosely.

"Then I don't see that there's anything to be done," said Sam, morosely.

"Dummy practice is a good thing," answered Williams morosely.

"No one is to blame for his madness," replied Reznikov, morosely.

He said morosely that he had heard that joke on his stature a few times before.

His eyes grew dark and gloomy; morosely he bent his gaze upon her.