Petticoats [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Petticoats:

This is my dress, and there's a petticoat and stockings to match it.

Indecent, if you ask me, with not a petticoat under it, I'll be bound!

You see it is impossible for him to stop in here with you for ever, as if he was sewn on to your petticoat.

But she soon laid it down on the work-table, between a petticoat and a bundle of shirts.

So the day of the petticoat politician is not over in Italy yet?

But sink me now if I'd rot myself in rum on account of anything that wears a petticoat.

Would she not condescend to wear a few gems in her petticoat?

Well, there was a skirt, a petticoat, some stockings and other things.

She made one petticoat, and then gently appealed to her husband.

It's a pity this kind of thing can't be worked without a petticoat.