Porticoes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Porticoes:

In a few moments she joined him under the portico of the hotel.

With regard to the fluted pillars in the portico, my dears—'

The Poecile was a portico; portico in Greek is stoa, hence the name of Stoic.

And he slept in the temple, in the portico thereof, as sound as a muleteer.

In the meantime Henriette had reached the portico and was about to pass out into the street.

The scarred wooden pillars of its portico were hidden with bunting.

We stepped up on the portico of the big house and I rang the bell.

If you'll go out on the portico, he'll join you in a moment.

Peter made his way downstairs, and out of the front door to the portico.

In the portico is the colossal statue of Constantine the Great.