Refectory [noun]

Definition of Refectory:

room for large affairs

Synonyms of Refectory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Refectory:


Sentence/Example of Refectory:

Raymonde had just escaped for a few minutes from the refectory, where she was on duty.

He would return to the refectory, as if relieved of some great crime.

The bell rang for supper, and they went down to the refectory.

But if his reception in the refectory was chilling, his welcome in the courtyard was warm enough.

Then the bell rang for breakfast, and he went down to the refectory.

In church and in the refectory he kept his eyes away from him.

South of the cloister-court was the refectory and other apartments.

Mac was coming in at the door of the refectory as the bishop was going out.

It was the dinner hour of the boarding students, and I wondered that Bill was not in the refectory.

Towards the western end of this walk is the door of the refectory.