Scenic [adjective]

Definition of Scenic:

beautiful, picturesque

Synonyms of Scenic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scenic:

Sentence/Example of Scenic:

To the Roman, the scenic and histrionic were the vital features of a production.

The scenic setting of an old Roman palace captivates the stranger.

It is sufficiently so, however, for purposes of scenic representation.

In addition, their scenic value is very marked in many cases.

The Downs have a human and historic as well as scenic interest.

And thus they capered about in the scenic room, making a chaos of it.

For it is as a symbol, not as a scenic effect, that in each case the chiaroscuro is given.

It was Bobby's name for the peak at the top of the Scenic Railway.

Not everybody can build a scenic railway and get it going right.

The lake of Lucerne is unsurpassed in Europe for its scenic beauty.