Snacks [noun]

Definition of Snacks:

tiny meal

Synonyms of Snacks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snacks:


Sentence/Example of Snacks:

They eat pies for dinner and they eat pies for midnight snacks.

Three meals a day with no "snacks" of any kind between, are sufficient.

The induction heater that he used for midnight snacks was in a closet.

And as for the prisoners—why let them come in for snacks with us.

I tried to lay it on 'er father and 'is Snacks, but bless you, she knew better.

Three meat meals and two snacks--'the eleven o'clock' and 'the four o'clock'--were the order of the day in this establishment.

Snaps of Latin, and snacks of Greek, that is all George gives the poor boy when he has a moment, and that is never.

It much preferred, as Maulbow well knew, to have its snacks still wriggling-fresh as it started them down its gullet.

Snacks of fish, vegetarian dinners, quick lunches; smart waitresses to serve him and smile upon him.

As for Kekewich, we—or as many of us as might survive his snacks—determined that he should be made explain himself to the Queen.