Ahead [adverb]

Definition of Ahead:

in front or advance of

Synonyms of Ahead:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ahead:


Sentence/Example of Ahead:

Having spent her career behind the scenes, she acknowledges fear about what is ahead for her.

It’s right in that vicinity either before or just shortly after, which is years ahead of schedule.

McCarthy has made clear his concerns that it would only backfire by giving vulnerable Democrats a chance to separate themselves from Pelosi just ahead of an election where she’s unpopular in some of the GOP-leaning districts they represent.

She said in an interview that she would be skeptical of any vaccine produced ahead of the election because of worries its release was due to political pressure.

To solve this problem, Insider has been ramping up its first-party data platform Sága ahead of the full decimation of third-party cookies.

However, election experts also anticipate record turnout, fewer polling locations and a higher-than-ever number of people choosing to vote by mail, so it’s important to plan ahead.

A Fox News poll of registered voters in Minnesota this July found Biden ahead by 13 points.

Brands are recognizing the platform as a major opportunity to reach their audiences in refreshing ways, but its unknown fate makes it difficult to plan ahead.

If you want to come out ahead, you need an edge from experience or a sophisticated set of tools.

Suddenly, however, he became aware of a small black spot far ahead in the very middle of the unencumbered track.