Algebra [noun]

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The definitions sprawled across many areas of math, from algebra to topology to geometry.

You could also have worked through a little algebra before plugging anything in.

When I was an undergraduate I was really attracted to abstract algebra.

The simpler objects are arrays of numbers called matrices, the core element of linear algebra.

Many people see algebra as methods and rules, but you can take any algebraic expression and see it visually.

It fell into the three more or less isolated subjects of arithmetic, algebra and Euclid.

Dinah had left her slate on 10 a chair, and dropped her algebra on the carpet, at the sound of Norahs voice below the window.

Old Faithful had worked half-way through the algebra and was busy solving simultaneous equations whilst sitting on the War Loan.

We do not propose that he shall decipher the hieroglyphics of algebra and geometry.

General Grant never saw an algebra nor any mathematical work until he went to West Point.