Calculus [noun]

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Considerable hemorrhages from the bladder may occur in vesical calculus, tuberculosis, and newgrowths.

You,” said I. “You drive a nail as if it were an abstruse problem in differential calculus.

Besides these general theorems of formul, what remains in the algebraical calculus is the resolution of equations.

Then wait till you see him cut for calculus, or perform for hernia.

Then he dived into differential calculus and philosophical abstrusities.

He had also mastered trigonometry, surveying, navigation, geometry and differential calculus.

There is no earthly calculus which can furnish the true answer.

But I was sure in trigonometry and calculus, which I might have dodged and didn't.

What labor and what uncertainties does such a calculus involve!

They are simple and they lend themselves readily to the purposes of a political calculus.