Trigonometry [noun]

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It signifies an enormous number of things, from pot-hooks to trigonometry.

This is not because the details of trigonometry are all needed in physics.

I worked off a year's trigonometry that summer, and began Virgil alone.

They found them deficient in trigonometry and canned them off the team.

I never saw him but during a fortnight, when I took it into my head to do trigonometry.

So are you—of words, blurted out Sid Henderson, as he leafed his trigonometry.

He also edited a text-book on trigonometry for the use of the cadets.

He was undecided between it and a Trigonometry, but in the end he went off with the Trigonometry.

He advanced the science of trigonometry, but did not contribute to geometry.

It is a mistaken idea that geometry is a prerequisite to trigonometry.