Alternatively [adverb]

Definition of Alternatively:

preferably; instead

Synonyms of Alternatively:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alternatively:

Sentence/Example of Alternatively:

The design, reported in a paper in Nature, is capable of 50 times the performance of state-of-the-art alternative cooling systems, according to the authors.

The U-T reports that officials are expected this week to talk about alternative policing models, including unarmed personnel who can respond to non-emergency situations.

Apps that offer person-to-person experiences, like tutoring or telehealth, can also use alternative methods of payment beyond in-app purchases.

Companies outside China may now feel pressure to reshore manufacturing to home countries or find more suitable low-cost alternatives in Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Americas.

The alternative is that they would sit in a hospital beyond medical necessity.

As an alternative partner on the Ukrainian side, Kyiv’s Energy Ministry proposed an obscure state entity called MGU, which holds the shares of Ukraine’s gas pipeline system.

For other alternatives, check out Dashlane, LastPass, Keeper, Bitwarden, and NordPass.

Karaoke’s haste, at least in Japan, has been to show that these are alternatives to what it provides, rather than replacements.

His research showed a much more purple state, with a 7–6 or 6–7 party split arising in the majority of those alternative maps.

These studies suggest saliva could present a compelling alternative to other tests — one that does not necessarily require trained personnel to collect a sample and therefore use up valuable personal protective gear or put staff at risk.