Apollos [noun]

Definition of Apollos:

good-looking person

Synonyms of Apollos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apollos:

Sentence/Example of Apollos:

Though it were Paul who planted and Apollos who watered, none but God could insure the increase.

Paul plants, Apollos waters; but God giveth the increase: but neither without Paul's planting does the harvest spring.

There were many athletic youths present, but these two were really the Apollos of the two tribes.

We are not Jupiters; we are not Apollos; but we can take our stand and shoot our arrows a little way into the dark.

The native women are sun-ripe Junos, the native men bronzed Apollos.

Where was there ever a more extensive change of opinion than in Apollos on his conversion?

Why bracket a well-known person, like Apollos, with an utterly unknown person, such as Zenas?

Paul possibly may not have had the same influence with a popular assembly as the more eloquent Apollos.

Paul may plant, Apollos may water, but it is God alone that giveth the increase.

On the stage lies Apollos luggage, consisting of a bag, a bow, and his Scythian cap.