Assassins [noun]

Definition of Assassins:

murderer of prominent or important person

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Sentence/Example of Assassins:

Today, assassin bugs are found in temperate and tropical regions around the globe.

A 50-million-year-old assassin bug offers a rare peek at reproductive structures that aren’t usually visible in fossilized insects.

The discovery of the tiny insect, whose body measures roughly half an inch in length, also indicates that its branch of the assassin bug family is 25 million years older than previously thought.

He received the blow on his arm, grappled with the assassin, and throwing him on the ground despatched him with his own dagger.

Then, after all the inquiries you instituted, you were really unable to point to the actual assassin?

If you are so certain that Enid Orlebar is implicated in the affair, if not the actual assassin, why don't you interrogate her?

The assassin gallops away upon his mare, and seeks by night to cross the Rhone.

Yes, with the eyes of a veritable assassin, for at that moment M. Joyeuse is dreaming a terrible dream.

With our door ajar we watched the ghastly struggle between the faithful mongrel and the assassin.

There is no doubt that it is an extremely difficult matter to say what shall be done to the assassin in such a case.