Bites [noun]

Definition of Bites:

injury from gripping, tearing

Synonyms of Bites:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bites:


Sentence/Example of Bites:

If I’m looking at an enterprise size ecommerce site, I like to approach this in bite size pieces rather than tackling the entire site at the same time.

The discovery raises the possibility that caecilians may be the first amphibians found capable of delivering a venomous bite.

Scientists waiting with forceps and a razor on a lab rooftop tried to mimic bee activity in real time, bite by bite, on comparison plants.

Ancient relatives of today’s anchovies once had quite the bite.

People really need to understand that they need to do something, do it regularly, and it’s okay to take it in small bites.

Woe to the man that first did teach the cursed steel to bite in his own flesh, and make way to the living spirit.

But if people will insist on patting a strange poet, they mustn't be surprised if they get a nasty bite!

At noon we camped, and cooked a bite of dinner while the horses grazed; ate it, and went on again.

The insects frequently hibernate in warmed houses, and may bite during the winter.

He showed his rows of little, straight, white teeth, which looked strong enough to bite through a bar of iron.