Bulkiness [noun]

Definition of Bulkiness:


Synonyms of Bulkiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bulkiness:

Sentence/Example of Bulkiness:

When you are looking for lots of features in one—and don’t mind the bulkier look—this is a great option.

Thanks to the advent of Bluetooth wireless technology, the days of relying on bulky, hard-wired stereo systems to enjoy your music collection are long gone.

The only problem is that they require bulky, costly, and energy-sapping cooling equipment that severely limits where they can be used.

This stand is a great option when you are looking for a less bulky, lighter weight storage solution for your basic entertainment needs.

This takes up more of a footprint than the typical folding design of these kind of ANC headphones, but it’s less bulky, too, so it depends on how you’re packing them whether this is good or bad.

It’s warm and soft without being bulky—exactly what I want to put on when I come in the door.

Yes, they are bulky, but you’re transporting them with a vehicle.

After using a Turkish towel, also known as a pestemal or fouta, you’ll never want to go back to your bulky, traditional bathroom towel.

With a total thickness less than 9mm—and without significant compromises on field of view or resolution—these displays could one day make today’s bulky VR headset designs completely obsolete.

For one, the artificial neurons are still rather bulky compared to biological ones.