Coconut [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Coconut:

Ang bagyu mauy nakapugdul (nakapapugdul) sa lubi, The typhoon ripped the tops off the coconut trees.

Pulasi ang sanggutan arun mamúnga, Untie the coconut bud so it will bear fruit.

Mipusaw (namusaw, gipusawan) na ang lubi, The coconut tree is developing buds now.

Ang tubà nga sagul daling makahubug, Fresh coconut palm toddy mixed with old toddy makes you drunk quick.

Such is the saki or rice wine of the Japanese, the tuba or sap of the coconut palm of the Filipinos and the pulqu of the Mexicans.

Karaki doled it out by moistening a shred of coconut husk and giving Pellett the shred to suck.

For a week they stayed while Pellett fattened on unlimited coconut and Karaki tinkered the proa.

An equal quantity of ripe coconut meat is likewise grated, from which through a strainer the rich milky juice is expressed.

On a finger of each hand was a ring made of plaited fibres of the coconut-tree, with a small bunch of red feathers.

Next morning, as we stood on the coconut wharf waiting for the boat to come in, Fil perhaps noticed that I looked sad.