Confidante [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Confidante:

I must have a confidante here, and there are only two to choose from.

The noble lady has bargained to make over to her confidante all her interest in Hervey's heart.

You will at once see from this that Sally had lost no time in finding a confidante for the fossil's communication.

Mrs. Beaumont opened the delicate case with a sigh, which claimed the notice of her young confidante.

The girl who had relied upon herself from childhood, needed no explanation, no confidante.

She would have liked to pour her heart out to her daughter-in-law, and to make her son's wife her friend and confidante.

Enclosed in her reserve she longed for a confidante; she longed to talk things over, to take counsel with someone.

Winona, robbed of her usual confidante, turned to the girl on her other side, to talk clothes.

He was certainly not a confidante in regard to his plans and had no direct means of knowing that James was on his way West.

You will perceive that the cat is her confidante—a discreet one it must be confessed.