consanguineous [adjective]

Definition of consanguineous:

Consanguineous refers to individuals who share a blood relationship. They are descended from a common ancestor.

Synonyms of consanguineous:

Opposite/Antonyms of consanguineous:

Sentence/Example of consanguineous:

My siblings and I are consanguineous, meaning we share the same parents.

The law prohibits marriage between close consanguineous relatives.

In some cultures, knowing your consanguineous lineage is very important.

DNA testing can help confirm if two individuals are consanguineous.

While they weren't consanguineous, the close friends considered each other family.

The doctor advised against the couple having children due to their consanguineous relationship.

The newly discovered documents revealed a previously unknown consanguineous connection between the two families.

The company offered discounts for family members, including both consanguineous and affinal relatives.

Though adopted, he felt a strong connection to his adoptive family, even though they weren't consanguineous.

The research focused on genetic diseases that are more common among consanguineous populations.