Creak [verb]

Definition of Creak:

grind, grate with high noise

Synonyms of Creak:

Opposite/Antonyms of Creak:


Sentence/Example of Creak:

The creaks at night and the shifting shadows along the bedroom wall intimate to a young person’s mind that the external world is uncontrollable.

An iceberg splits with the same yawning creak as a tree beginning its fall to earth.

Garnache took the proffered chair, and sank down with creak and jingle to warm himself at the fire.

And this time Mrs. Armine noticed that the basket chair did not creak beneath his movement.

A gentle breath from heaven makes the basket decline a little and the ropes creak against the hardwood clinch blocks.

Joe agreed; the anchor was lost, and the men prepared for the first creak that would show that the tide was coming.

But her ears magnified a thousandfold each crackling of a log and each creak of the floor sent expectant shivers along her spine.

Once the wind came with a sudden sweep up the river and she thought she could hear the creak of Uncle Billy's water-wheel.

I heard nothing from my tutor––no creak of the floor, no step, no periodical creaking of his rocking-chair.

There was the faint creak of metal, and the man's chest began to bend!