Depots [noun]

Definition of Depots:

storage place; station

Synonyms of Depots:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depots:


Sentence/Example of Depots:

Mice, for example, have depots of it between their shoulder blades.

It’s thought that different visceral and subcutaneous fat depots develop from different precursor cells – cells that can become fat cells.

This means more fat will be stored in the less safe visceral depots.

The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Water Board, which regulates local water quality, charged gasoline giant Kinder Morgan Energy Partners with cleanup after the company bought the fuel depot in 1998.

Only a few years earlier, it had pushed the Navy to create a coal depot here.

A few years back it was partly turned into a depot for American meat, but is now simply used for warehouses.

You'll have to sit in the depot till it stops rainin' a little, and I'll find you a place till mornin'.

"We'll be settin' right in the depot waitin' for it," said Mandy, who declined to take chances.

As there was, fortunately, a depot for coals here, we were allowed a few hours to do as we liked.

As the Rome branch connected with the main road above the depot, he encountered no hindrance, and it was now a fair race.