Deserve [verb]

Definition of Deserve:

be entitled to

Synonyms of Deserve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deserve:







Sentence/Example of Deserve:

As we have done since April, our office will continue to work tirelessly and without distraction to provide the answers that the Prude family and Rochester community deserve.

How much crap you endure should not be indicative of the love that you deserve.

You may nominate as many organizations or individuals as you feel deserve the recognition.

Being ushered out an entire round sooner — in a five-game gentleman’s sweep, and as the favorite — deserves far greater scrutiny.

While I may not have the money to attend fundraising dinners with the Democratic Party’s leaders, I deserve a party—and an economy—that returns as much benefit to me as I provide to it.

They deserve a lot of credit for everything that feels good about algebraic topology today.

There have been plenty of others who could’ve gotten here if they’d been given the opportunity they deserved.

It’s absolutely not getting the level of attention it deserves.

I don’t think that he’s been given the media coverage that he deserves.

They care because they understand that significant numbers of childcare providers are women of color who will only be able to continue this critical work if they receive the federal investments in infrastructure and support they deserve.