Deservedly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Deservedly:

There’s Oscar buzz around both performances, and deservedly so.

So rather than focusing on whether elected officials deserve our empathy in this moment, we should focus on the expectations that we deservedly put on them.

There are jokes that might get Twitter blowback, deservedly and otherwise.

“Across the board, everyone felt that it was deservedly the winner,” said Gabrielle Glore, the festival’s director and head of programming, according to Variety.

Lawrence Hyde, earl of Rochester, died; deservedly respected as an able statesman.

Mr. Willis gained a wide and deservedly high reputation as the builder of many Cathedral organs—upwards of sixteen.

The Prince who remained at the head of the government was deservedly popular among the Brazilians.

Durham, like Canterbury, is a town that is much favored by the artists, and deservedly so.

But to every one of my household, save Susan who did not count, he was—I admit, deservedly—an object of loathing.

None, said the Islander, was more deservedly respected, and by his death the world has lost one who was an honest and upright man.