Duly [adverb]

Definition of Duly:

accordingly, properly

Synonyms of Duly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Duly:

Sentence/Example of Duly:

In this version of Bridgerton, the inclusion of racially conscious casting becomes a convenient mechanism by which racism as a theme can be duly eliminated — a move that undermines much of the show’s other attempts at seriousness.

Experts say there simply are not enough skilled threat-hunting teams to duly identify all the government and private-sector systems that may have been hacked.

Indeed, one of OpenInvest’s criteria for inclusion in its Racial Justice Cause is transparency, with companies that regularly publish diversity reports on their employee base—and set targets for a more diverse workforce—duly rewarded.

As an M.P. you are duly qualified to accept any appointment under the Crown when the Government ask you.

At the third meeting, however, there was a full quorum, and the business done at the previous meetings was duly confirmed.

Those who collect taxes without being duly authorized by Government, or misappropriate public funds.

Violation of the immunity due to those who come with this mission, duly accredited, in the form prescribed by international law.

Every one had read or heard something exceedingly horrible, which he duly communicated to all the rest.

Comyn chose the latter alternative; and the agreement was guaranteed by oaths and embodied in indentures duly sealed.

The French duly attacked at dawn and the 2nd Division have carried a series of redoubts and trenches.