Decorously [adverb]

Definition of Decorously:


Opposite/Antonyms of Decorously:

Sentence/Example of Decorously:

I am witness that that ceremony is faithfully observed by both partiesand most gravely and decorously, too.

I followed, first standing, and then decorously sitting down on the top of it.

You can help me better by trying to behave decorously, and by keeping the other children quiet when they are in the drawing-room.

They chatted volubly over this idiosyncrasy, and even laughed at it, but quite decorously so that our feelings might be spared.

Her eyes hinted of a recent stormy past, but once more she was decorously apparelled.

In this silent house of sadness men stepped quietly, gravely, decorously, and served you with courteous sympathy.

Within the city limits the car moved decorously, but when the suburbs were reached, the driver put on all his power.

Mother Marshall sat quite decorously in the automobile till the train drew up to the platform and people began to get out.

Then she shook her white skirts out and sat up more decorously in the chair.

In plain English, they jumped (but as decorously as possible) at the invitation.