Moderately [adverb]

Definition of Moderately:

to a degree, to some extent

Synonyms of Moderately:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moderately:

Sentence/Example of Moderately:

Then he gave Kelly a moderately truthful account of what had occurred.

Bake in a moderately quick oven for about a quarter of an hour.

Moderately, but it's not the kind of place one could possibly go to with a lady.

We were all moderately civil and collected, though I had my suspicions.

"If you see me moderately soon," said Madame Beattie pleasantly.

Clusters small to medium, shouldered, loose or moderately compact.

Thereby the solvency of the German exchequer would be moderately insured.

Slane was, just then, the only moderately contented man in barracks.

"Because he takes it moderately, dear," I answered, being only in the twilight of intelligence.

I do so wish that you and he and I did not suffer so much, but could be at least moderately happy.