Dialects [noun]

Definition of Dialects:

local speech

Synonyms of Dialects:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dialects:

Sentence/Example of Dialects:

The dialect of Saint-Rémy is simply one of countless ramifications of the dialects descended from the Latin.

The great mass of the words are traceable to Latin etyma, as in all Romance dialects a large portion of Germanic words are found.

Four dialects are pretty clearly marked (see the article Celt: Language, "Breton," p. 328).

Kamelillo knew island dialects about the same as he did English, but wasn't much for conversation.

It would speak with as many tongues as the builders of Babel, and in dialects as much confused, and mutually as unintelligible.

The termination of the name in us, is foreign, and not in accordance with the Abenakie dialects of this coast.

We have already seen that many nations adopted Nahua institutions, who did not speak Nahua dialects.

How and when are you going to change the 144 dialects of India into English?

The old Spaniards, who brought their various dialects into the New World, retain them there unchanged.

Germany is as rich in dialects as Italy, and to speak German well merits high praise.