Dimpling [verb]

Definition of Dimpling:

chip, scrape, depress

Synonyms of Dimpling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dimpling:




Sentence/Example of Dimpling:

The mighty rushing torrent is the fashion, but who can do the wimpling, dimpling streamlet?

She smiled, the old dimpling smile which gave him a strange feeling to see again.

"For Willett and for George the Virginian, sir," she said, dimpling and dropping me a courtesy.

She was in one of her swift, mercurial changes of mood, her mouth dimpling, her eyes sparkling.

“Toto,” answered Betty, dimpling, brushing the dirt from her skirts and daintily shaking out the fluffy dog.

When Clarice Packard came out of church, she found her would-be acquaintance dimpling and quivering on the door-step.

At noon Mary returned from the parsonage, her eyes dancing and her mouth dimpling with smiles.

Betty blushed, and for a fleeting moment Godfrey saw the blushing, dimpling Betty of long ago.

They were still skirting Blue Lake, a ten-mile stretch of dimpling, crinkling sapphire.

She smiled at me over his shoulder, dimpling like a pleased child.