Exploiting [verb]

Definition of Exploiting:

take advantage of; misuse

Synonyms of Exploiting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exploiting:

Sentence/Example of Exploiting:

It’s time to upgradeEven though it’s unlikely the average person would feel the effects of any of these recent exploits, it’s a nice reminder that those nagging update notices exist for a reason.

This Alfred Boucher believed he was exploiting Savarus, whereas the contrary was the case.

He began life as a medical practitioner, but made a fortune by exploiting a certain Pte Regnault and took to political journalism.

The only beast that makes a regular practice of exploiting his own kind is man.

We aim at developing the latent faculties and exploiting the hidden resources of the mind.

Lace-making and coral-fishing are the occupations of the inhabitants who do not live off of exploiting the tourists.

The supplying of palm branches and the exploiting of semi-invalids are the chief industries of Bordighera.

Dr. James has given me near a gross of his infamous powders, and is now exploiting another cure.

The aborigines were dispossessed, treated as conquered peoples, and forced to do the exploiting labour.

Of all the sources of information which Hartwell was vigorously exploiting, Luna, on the whole, was the most satisfactory.