Extorts [verb]

Definition of Extorts:

cheat; blackmail

Synonyms of Extorts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extorts:

Sentence/Example of Extorts:

The horse gave a violent leap, and tore off with that shrill cry which sharp pain occasionally extorts from his kind.

Your hint, that I must correct some things that are amiss, extorts from me an involuntary sigh.

It is not fear that extorts the promise never to war against us—it would be his gratitude for sparing his life.

The scene in which the Countess extorts from Helen the confession of her love, must, as an illustration, be given here.

But fear now extorts a larger tribute of obedience than that which was formerly paid by reverence and by love.

When such a spirit breaks forth into complaint, we are aware how great must be the suffering that extorts the murmur.

No: you know, and must know, that he who extorts from three provinces will extort from twenty, if there are twenty.

The banian extorts, robs, plunders, and then gives him just what proportion of the spoil he pleases.

Shakespeare gives to Richard therefore a power which excites astonishment, and a courage which extorts admiration.

On the high road to success and in the height of his power, Wolsey extorts an admiration which is still somewhat reluctant.