Frontier [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Frontier:

I think this is a very important frontier for protein science.

They joined forces to create Science Service, which began syndicating articles about the frontiers of science to newspapers around the country.

For Microsoft, bringing streaming from the cloud to Xbox Game Pass has been revolutionary and opens up a new frontier with billions of gamers worldwide.

Musk’s impromptu interview on Clubhouse seemingly opened up a new frontier in the world of Web communication.

Mike Daly, the lead designer, knew that they were playing on the frontier of what was possible — and acceptable to players.

Trapper hats were originally designed for hunters who spent long hours outdoors hoping to catch food for the unforgiving winter on the American frontier.

Reagan was also tapping into a long-held American frontier ethos that holds that people can and almost always should do it themselves without government interference.

It’s seemingly been “the next frontier” in gaming and entertainment for years now, but slowly virtual reality is becoming more accessible, more versatile, and more engaging for a lot more people.

From SpaceX to autonomous drone launches, it’s an exciting time for those with their eyes on the next frontier.

“We have a database of people we have a monetary relationship with, but this is definitely a whole new frontier for us,” Spies said.