Inflicted [verb]

Definition of Inflicted:

impose something

Synonyms of Inflicted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inflicted:





Sentence/Example of Inflicted:

It’s as though all of the trauma inflicted by a beloved teacher has been projected off onto these weirdos with the British slang, characters it is safe to loathe and be viscerally disgusted by.

“We are very sorry for the incredible financial burden and terrible inconvenience this is inflicting on all involved,” the group said in a statement posted to the event’s website.

Other types of shocks may be rare occurrences, but they can inflict much bigger losses and need to be on the radar screen as well.

We still don’t know the mechanisms that allow pathogens to inflict harm on the food we eat, even as we’re working on developing better vaccines to combat such viruses in aquaculture.

Moreover, Mackey wrote that many of our health problems are “self-inflicted,” and could be prevented with better lifestyle choices.

They can easily be caught by hand, though they do have powerful claws that can inflict damage.

These are yet more self-inflicted wounds when it comes to America’s health, prosperity, and security—and one more consideration for voters as they head to the polls.

We billed ourselves as an answer to the problem while failing to address that we were continuing to inflict it.

State education officials, however, have failed to monitor the use of these practices, which can inflict trauma and injury, and parents often are told little about what happens to their children.

So the end of the episode finds him sitting alone in his study in the dark, pointedly not inflicting himself on the people he loves.