Mistress [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mistress:

“I will send her some, and likewise of mine own comfits and cakes,” said Mistress Dennet.

At any rate, if the lady of the house objected to it, it could return with Mistress Randall.

The master and mistress thenceforth transact their affairs by deputy.

Never, never, wringing her hands, should she meet with a mistress she loved so well.

Master received him with cordiality, and presented him to mistress.

I used to notice, many times, that mistress was not quite recovered.

Next day he called at the gate, on horseback, to inquire for mistress.

After awhile the master and mistress arrived, it seems, from a visit.

Shortly the mistress of the house came in and ordered the supper.

In conversation with him my mistress broached the subject as to my whereabouts.