Photographs [noun]

Definition of Photographs:

a still picture taken with a camera

Synonyms of Photographs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Photographs:


Sentence/Example of Photographs:

What concern was it of mine how my photographs had been obtained?

The eyes were wide apart, and kinder than in the photographs.

She had an idea they might have something to do with photographs; perhaps his picture was going into a book.

Photographs of the outlaw were obtained and distributed among the men.

Your walls are hung with photographs; your wife or daughter has a sewing-machine.

In photographs the flowers of dark varieties hardly show at all.

Jan wandered round, looking at the photographs and engravings on the walls.

Pictures and photographs from home were the favorite decorations.

If the photographs are at all good, you seem to have got rather a comfortable billet.

There were other tintypes and a flock of photographs in the room.