Queried [verb]

Definition of Queried:


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Sentence/Example of Queried:

That,” he queried, “is your reason for wishing to get rid of me?

"I wonder if they have had any dinner," he queried, with sudden solicitude.

"But I don't just see what we can do in that boat," queried Helen, after a moment's thought.

"You only wanted my hands," queried the boy, trying to catch a glimpse of her face.

She waited a moment and then queried with exaggerated impudence: "Well?"

This, I believe, has been queried in your invaluable paper some time since.

Dick queried calmly, shaking off Hen's hold and going on with his task.

"Why, how do you know what he said to me," he queried in a voice that showed his fear.

I queried of the steward who was helping to set us and the books to rights.

I queried, with some sense of being disappointed, not to say "sold."