Slithered [verb]

Definition of Slithered:

creep by

Synonyms of Slithered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slithered:


Sentence/Example of Slithered:

And past the dinner-table, now smoking and ready, he slithered out of the house.

The vast stone pincers were lifted from him; slithered to the ground beside him.

The streamer slipped from his fingers and slithered over the side.

Then, like an ambient fungus, it slithered off into the jungle undergrowth.

I could hear his voice as I slithered slowly across my plank of dread.

He took up his counting rack and slithered the buttons back and forth.

We slipped and slithered and wallowed about, but we got to the top.

She led him into her room and made him sit on her bed as she slithered into it again.

Tommy, of course, slithered down over the limpets in the ordinary way.

One of them swung round at once and slithered down the path.