Aground [adverb]

Definition of Aground:

on the bottom of

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Sentence/Example of Aground:

That tops the amount of oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez, the infamous tanker that ran aground in Alaska in 1989.

The big sloop, hard aground and full of iron ballast, was not a thing to be moved easily.

Some of the wherrymen will say that they could not put their craft aground if they would while sailing sideways along the mud.

She also got aground on a mud bank near the Jersey shore and at noon blew up.

That may be because some one ran aground sometime on the sand-bar off the end, and thought it deceitful.

On June 9, while engaged in a chase, the Gaspee ran aground, and on the night of the 10th was boarded by eight boat-loads of men.

I joined the rush to the bows, and leaning over, saw that we were hard aground at the lower end of a sand bar.

The ships having gone back, run aground, or been dashed to pieces, the French could not get away again by sea.

Just then the ship touched on the bar at the mouth of the harbour, and in another moment she was aground.

Her misfortune was great in getting aground, while her more fortunate companions were in the full tide of happiness.