Batts [noun]

Definition of Batts:

thick bedcovering made of patches

Synonyms of Batts:

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Sentence/Example of Batts:

I am very sorry to hear that Batt is detained at Oxford in a bad state of health, with some symptoms of a growing dropsy.

From the first Batt applied himself to win his patroness' favour to his clever and needy friend.

His letters to Batt—the replies which came he never published—are remarkable reading, and do credit to both sides.

Well, sir, o' course I've got those what I pinched off t' batt'ry that was here before!

This 'appened in a battle to a batt'ry of the corps Which is first among the women an' amazin' first in war.

The danger I'll run is only from being caught and sent to the penal battalion—the awful 'Batt d'Aff.'

You aint got no more chance o bein pardoned than I have of gettin to be Colonel of my Batt.

As the portions of mounted corps were continually employed, the work which fell on the detachment, 1st Batt.

Batt had an invitation for him to come to Tournehem, but he could not yet bear to leave Paris.

I gazed in amazement at Mrs. Doolittle Batt as she swallowed one flap-jack after another, while her eyes bulged larger and larger.