Boozy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Boozy:

It makes me sick to think of having to trust to an accident like that, like a lubberly cockney out for a boozy Bank Holiday sail.

Cousin Park drank so much strong coffee that she was really boozy and actually flirted with Zebedee.

Colonel Boozy had been about to drink a glass of beer as Dennie began this communication.

The district in which the great fight between Boozy and Bockerheisen was to occur was close and doubtful.

Two copies of the rolls were taken, one for submission to Alderman Boozy and one to Mr. Bockerheisen.

He would have been a good-looking man under ordinary circumstances, but he was as boozy as an owl!

But he got so drunk that he began to show fight, as he always did when boozy, though a timid chap when sober.

He had been drinking, evidently, for he was making boozy efforts to stand very straight.

He gets a little boozy toward evening, but that is merely a hospitable habit of his to prove that his liquors are good.

The boozy unshorn wretch is seen hovering round quays as packets arrive, and tippling drains in inn bars where he gets credit.