Darlings [noun]

Definition of Darlings:

sweetheart, favorite person

Synonyms of Darlings:

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Sentence/Example of Darlings:

At the time, digital media darlings like BuzzFeed and Mic were building seemingly successful businesses by producing short-form videos to distribute on platforms like Facebook and YouTube and selling branded content deals to advertisers.

It would have counted as a noteworthy accomplishment in artificial intelligence alone, one of many that would make neural networks the darlings of AI technology over the next few years.

As we’ve seen, a risky firm with a compelling story can also become a darling of individual investors.

Some of the darlings as of late, including AAPL and TSLA, were down almost 10 percent.

All of these developments, along with Musk’s cult-like following, have made Tesla a darling of retail investors, with it occupying almost a permanent place in online brokerage Robinhood’s list of most popular stocks.

Ill should I repay the family who fostered my son, were I to surrender their darling into the hands of his enemies.

A germ flies from a stagnant pool, and the laughing child, its mother's darling, dies dreadfully of diphtheria.

Said to be aristocratically connected, he was the admiration of all and the darling of the young ladies of Derby.

“You would kill the darling in five minutes,” interrupted Miss Anne.

If such a darling thing should happen as my winning the prize, Id put it all in the bank for a nest-egg, she thought.