Debars [verb]

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At the same time, two reasons debar me from laying further stress upon this line of argument.

This deficiency in technique must even debar him from claiming any higher signification than that of a clever dilettante.

(This, as with place, would debar it from being ranked among the primary genera, which are simple).

He need not, for what had taken place between them, debar himself entirely of the delight of her society, he might—?

Even the stain of imputation, however undeserved, provided it gained popular credence, could debar one from its numbers.

"I will debar any man who uses that tone again," said Reddy, never moving a muscle.

His color did not debar him from taking an equal part with his white brethren in matters pertaining to their church.

I tell you my name is not Debar; and I swear I have not been married.

By the by, Debar, what lady is this you have been raving about all the time?

Now, you saw Debar with his wife in Memphis, and mistook him for me.