Departmental [adjective]

Definition of Departmental:

official, authorized

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Sentence/Example of Departmental:

Asking each state to separately develop its technology has been a hindrance at a time when health departments are strapped for time, money, tech and marketing expertise.

This administration has essentially destroyed and gutted the department and policies.

If you’re traveling to other states, check with the state and local health departments to see if Virginia is on their list.

Instead, health departments in individual American states have been forced to create a patchwork of apps.

A department spokesman said Wednesday it is too early to know of any spikes in cases tied to the event.

That means that those people in your marketing department can do the job in parallel and perform all their deliverables, even if the product, the physical product, is not there yet.

Her work has led to new state laws, the prosecution of school officials and the creation of child-protection units in school districts and state education departments.

The county’s case rate stood at more than 66 per 100,000 people on Tuesday, the highest in Maryland, the health department said on its Facebook page.

The propane heaters alone cost $2,000 a month to rent, and after the fire department told us we could no longer use them, we had to spend $3,000 buying 10 electric heaters.

“That’s going to be really easy for the sheriff’s department to make that argument if your budget is healthy,” he said.