Dripped [verb]

Definition of Dripped:

drop, trickle

Synonyms of Dripped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dripped:



Sentence/Example of Dripped:

We’ve put runners on the hardwood to catch the drips, and we’ve taken to leaving an old hand towel on the floor to push around with our feet to soak up overspray.

You probably have, too, with our country’s presidential election this week, which is causing high anxiety as small drips of information come in at all hours.

She sat upright by the side of the bed, watching the water as it dripped from the corpse, and would not allow any one to touch it.

The Colorado resort fairly dripped with wealthy tourists and members of the sporting fraternity from everywhere.

When dey dripped dry dey was sent to de weavin' room whare dey was wove in blankets an' things.

Plunging on, he found himself before a window whose small panes dripped and groaned under a rain that was fast becoming a torrent.

Mr. W. is now having the dirt floor of his smoke-house dug up and boiling from it the salt that has dripped into it for years.

For some distance their course dipped downward at a gentle angle, while the ceilings and sides dripped with moisture.

His garments were red with blood, his hands dripped with gore.

It dripped and pattered off the skin-covering on to the boat and on to the rocks.